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Korekore Tuatahi: The first of three phases of Korekore. 

Not a great day. The ocean is swept by winds. A time for mindfulness. Watch what you say.

Energy: Low
Be mindful of your mood. This is a time of lower energy, a time to rest and reflect.
A good time to spend with family and check in on loved ones.

Māra kai:
A day to observe the garden, and if you feel up to it then do some weeding and turn over the compost.

Minimal kai intake. Try to eat kai from Rongomātane i.e. fruit and veggies

Korikori Tīnana:
A rest day from the gym, or atleast ease up a little to allow recovery

A good day for strategic planning for the productive days ahead. Spend time with whānau who may need support use collective resources to tautoko others, manaaki each other, write, compose, think, and hold wānanga that feed the mind. Be creative, check all your ‘tools’ are working and ready to go so you can maximize the productive days coming.

There are many names depending on iwi and maramataka-a-iwi. For some iwi it is known as Korekore Tuatahi with others calling it Korekore Te Whiwhia or Korekore Whiwhia with the remaining two nights having their own names.

We encourage you to learn more about your local knowledge in understanding the phases of the moon especially in observing the tohu around you specific to your rohe (area). Te Wānanga o Aotearoa offer programmes to learn tikanga (Māori customs and protocols) throughout Aotearoa.